About Speak Your Language


Indigenous languages are connected to their community of speakers, to their lifeways, and everything around them. In this sense, Indigenous languages are not only a means of communication but also the expression of living cultures.

Until the late 18th century, some studies indicate that there were around 70 indigenous languages spoken in New South Wales, others estimate that the number was 35 plus about 120 dialects within these languages. Regardless of the exact number, we know that the diversity was extensive and the knowledge extremely valuable. Are these languages still spoken in NSW? Are there Indigenous languages originally from other areas of Australia spoken nowadays in NSW? Do you speak any of these languages? If so, please choose your language(s) and share it with us and the general public. Don’t worry about the proficiency level that you might have, just help us to show that your language is alive and thriving!


The Speak your language platform is built through the funding from Macquarie University and the Cooee project. It is an extension of the Stimmen project (language portal to document minority languages in Europe) amended to become a closed online community available for the research with Indigenous peoples in Australia and Chile in collaborative work between the University of Groningen and Macquarie University.

We would like to thank the communities and individuals that shared their perspective about this project with us and to the users of this platform that kindly contribute with their voices to make this platform a source of cultural knowledge


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders users are advised that the audio and written content provided by the contributors to this platform may contain voices or stories of people who have passed away.

Questions about this project? Send us a message.